The Problem


Our rural way of life is under attack

Our rural way of life is under attack. Our farms are rooted in a history of, fair and open markets, perseverance, liberty and justice for all that built vibrant communities. Main streets thrived. Seed suppliers, local mechanics, farm cooperatives, and new businesses had a shot. And it made us all stronger.

Now? Huge multinational corporations and monopolies are taking over. They’re concentrating and extracting wealth out of our communities, and, often, out of our country all together. Our rural communities are becoming factory farms for foreign corporations. Family farmers lack open markets to sell their goods. They’re no longer a producer; they’re a commodity.

Rural America needs a voice

Corporate agriculture, industry groups and conservative causes are often the only political vehicle representing farming communities. Worse, too many in the Democratic Party gave wrongly and sadly ignored the interests of rural community. The result? Family farmers have seen the wrath of consolidation impact them with little voice or ability to fight back.

There is no progressive organization on the political offensive fighting for rural America. We're going to change that.

"Take on Big Ag, and Democrats could start painting red counties blue by 2018."

Extreme consolidation

Foreign corporations and countries like Saudi Arabia, Brazil and China are buying up hundreds of thousands of acres of American farmland, and already just a few companies monopolize control over too much of our food supply. One in four pigs in our country are now owned by China. Five multinational corporations—soon to merge to just three—dominate the market for seeds and fertilizer. “Contract farming” pushes families deep into debt, often making them beholden to a single corporation for survival and leaving them with no negotiating power at all.

"Chinese buyers got over 100,000 acres of U.S. farmland in the Smithfield acquisition."


1 in 4 pigs               25m acres of U.S. land

We’ve seen this story before. In 1921, our country passed the “Farmers and Ranchers Bill of Rights” to strike back against excessive corporate power and monopoly, giving farmers and consumers back the fair, open markets they need.

Now, after decades of consolidation and the weakening of existing anti-trust laws, farmers and consumers need our leaders to do the same, once again. American farmers are not whiners. They don’t want a handout. They want a fair shot and a fair market.